Controlling who gets assigned to review your translation
  • Couple of times I have run into awkward situation: I start translating some talk, and I also contact a possible reviewer, preferably an expert in the field, and a person who I know will do his part with respect to the quality of language and content. When I am finished with translating, I submit the translation, and I contact my reviewer right away. When he receives my message, he goes and requests the permission to review, gets an answer that his application will be reviewed and he will get answer soon, and after some time it turns out that someone was there first to apply for reviewing.
    I mean, maybe it's great that there seems to be competition for "who's first to review", but I am kind of worried about the quality. Those "hijacking reviewers" unfortunately have not contacted me, though I'd really appreciate some discussion about the proper terminology, etc.
    So, maybe there is some way how to make sure my reviewer actually gets assigned to my translation?
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  • Dear Passiday,

    If you wish to work with a specific reviewer, please email us at with the reviewer CCed, before you submit your translation.
  • Ok, thanks, will do for my future translations.