Adding a new language: Darja Jazayriya
  • Hi!
    I'm new and I feel a little bit lost as I don't know really where I can suggest adding a new language which is not in the TED translation list.
    Thanks for your help!
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  • Hello Hafiben,

    We have received your email, and anxiously awaiting for your reply.
  • Thank you Isiliel,
    I've just sent this email:

    Dear TED team,

    Algerian Arabic, or Darja, is the native language of the majority of the 35 million Algerians, more than 80% of them speak it as their native language, while the remaining 20% speak it as their second language after Berber, it is therefore essential that the Algerians get TED videos translated in their own native language to have an easier access to knowledge and feel that their language is valued and recognised as such in times where we speak about supporting endangered languages.

    Algerian Arabic largely differs from formal Arabic, and the difference is certainly as big as between Italian and French, most of its words are of arabic origin but they are changed to a big extent and the berber influence makes half the vowels in the original arabic pronounciation disappear, it has also many new words and many words that are of Berber, Turkish, French, or Spanish origin.

    However, the difficult History of Algeria (a History of colonisation) did not permit the establishment of an Algerian state that would have institutionalized the Algerian language like it was the case with the European latin languages and their emancipation from formal latin.

    Most Algerians can speak and understand formal Arabic, because it is the language used in the media, at school, at work..etc.. but their spoken language remains the Algerian Darja, and those who did not study and learn Arabic or French cannot get easy access to knowledge and information, and our goal here is to grant a direct access to knowledge in their own language to Algerians who do not master, nor know much, of Arabic, French or other languages.

    Also, we see that there are on TED, different French (France, Canada), Spanish (Spain, Argentina) and Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil) versions. It would be great to give the Algerian Arabic speakers the opportunity to appreciate the valuable content of TED videos in their own mother tongue.

    Thank you for your attention,