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  • hey @Alex, I noticed that after a comment gets a vote, it gets moved to the top of the discussion thread -- is this meant to be that way? I find the changing of the original comment orders a bit difficult to follow...
  • @Isiliel I've installed a voting plugin. Everyone can now mark discussions & comments they find helpful.
  • Right now we can see how many new comments are there before opening the discussion thread, but could we have a highlight of some sort to see newly added comments once you open the discussion topic?
  • About showing new comments: Yeah, I agree that would be more useful. What they usually do in discussion boards is they divide your post results (what you see when you open a discussion) into pages (e.g of 30 posts/comments per page, and this can be customized in the user's profile). This way, you can go directly to the last page with the newest comments, and not scroll down through all the old ones each time. Other solutions include filters (like "show only new posts since I last logged in") or reversing the sorting order to "New to Old" (now it's the opposite).
  • I agree ;D
  • Thanks to everyone for your request & comments. I have taken down the following list, and will work on them as time allows:
    • add polls
    • display names instead of nicknames
    • support better markup/tags
    • like / +1
    • better theme.

    Please continue to add more as you think of them!
  • @symbolt : Here's a better reference for the flavor of BBCode that we're using...
  • If you can see only non-language-specific threads, it would be convenient.
  • @Alex, I would love to be able to see who is online. Is there a way of doing that?
  • It's nice if there is a function to make 'category bookmarks'. It let you bookmark favorite categories and see all the threads of those categories in a tab 'favorite categories'.
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    @Nafissa, you can choose the order of comments with tabs “Votes” / “Date Added”.
  • Now, as many new translators will hopefully register for the forum, it would be nice to have more information in their profiles here.
    Maybe it's possible to have a (mandatory) field in the registration process where they should enter the link to their TED Profile?
  • @VanillaRainbow: Hi. I'm afraid the forum software we're using doesn't support the idea of a threaded discussion. I did find a module which would allow you to easily quote other's postings in your replies, though. Would that help?
  • @KatjaTongucer I found a plugin which allows us to add additional fields to everyones' profiles. I'm not sure about making any of it mandatory, but I agree it would be nice for people to be able to say a little more about themselves. Links to profiles sound like a great idea. I'll try to get these plugins installed soon.
  • I think quoting would also be useful, it would make it much easier to refer to someone's post. Thank you for suggesting this, Alex.
  • I think that putting the BBCode reference link somewhere visible to everybody at all times would be great (
  • @symbolt: I added an announcement thread containing the link. It appears at the top of the list of discussions.
  • I wonder why we have to register again to join this forum. Can we just use the login data that we have on so that we do not need to register again in this forum?
  • I received very few notifications from the OTP forum since I joined (april 2012). For my language of preference (Portuguese Brazil) there's really no topics at all, althought it is one of the most disputed for translation. I wonder if our language coordinators could engage translators and reviewers to be more participative here, as many syntax and grammar tips would really improve and facilitate our own work.
  • Hi Alex, is it possible to have polls on the forum? If we had a nice and thorough discussion on the question I asked about the wiki sidebar, can we close it with a poll?
  • E-mail notifications ("Notify me when somebody responds in this thread"). And maybe a general introduction to this platform. I just starred this thread to add it to my Bookmarks. What bookmarks? :-)
  • Hi Krystian, in your profile under My Preferences and E-mail Subscriptions you can control notifications.
  • Can we display our names instead of nicknames?
  • I would like to learn things like, can you use (some limited form of) HTML and are there forum specific tags like "quote." This last one is really important in discussions like these.
  • Hi Alex and thank you for our new forum and all your efforts.

    I agree with symbolt. Basic text formating like bold and italics, and simple tags like "quote" would be very handy. (If possible of course).

    Also, could we have the +1 function for voting the posts we like? That would save us from a lot of "I agree" posts.
  • Just a tiny detail: the red TED logo is hard to watch on light blue backdrop...
  • Isiliel +1
    mhassel +1

  • @symbolt I've installed a plugin which allows you to use BBCode. I haven't fully tested to see how complete the implementation of BBCode markup is, so let us all know if you run into unsupported tags.

    A reference for everyone:
  • @nanoturkiye I think the forum only displays your username, which you can change pretty easily on your profile page under "Edit My Account".
  • @jenny I cannot change my username. Here is screenshot:
  • @nanoturkiye I just adjusted a setting -- can you edit your username now? If not, I can change it for you in the meantime while we figure out a solution.
  • @alex: how does the voting work? It looks like you can only vote on an entire discussion, not on a single comment. Or am I missing something?
  • @ElsDk, to the left of each comment click the up or down arrow to vote for it.
  • Unfortunately, I don't see any arrows on my iPad. Now that you told me about them, I can imagine where they probably are, but they're off screen.
  • @alex: There is a small problem with the voting plug-in: One can add more than one votes on every post and that can lead to the voting system being abused.
    If you can tweak the plug-in, please allow one vote per person on every post.
  • Interesting. I sort of assumed that lg-specific threads would be conducted in the given language and so, in the lg-specific forum. If not, we should probably find a way to tag a thread as languge-specific. But I agree with your idea.
  • @aoky and @symbolt, I don't follow you. Please explain. :(
  • @Isiliel, what I meant was that I wanted a way to see only threads in English. It seems currently we don't have a way to do so. Maybe use a tag "English" for general (English) threads?
  • I don't think it makes sense to tag general threads as "English". Apart from the fact that it's a burden and people will forget to do it, I think it's not necessary: general threads are in the general sections of the forum and can be found by using the sidebar on the right to navigate to the appropriate part of the forum.

    It's in the general overviews (the menu saying "Discussions") that you see everything and that you might want a little more order. What I think will happen, once we're up and running, is that you will mark the threads you want to follow with a star. That makes them "bookmarked". You can then choose only to view your bookmarked threads, when you click on "Discussions" in the menu. I currently have 7 bookmarked discussions. It works fine for me.

  • Probably we all check titles of every new thread. Distinguishing many threads whether they are in English or not is a little bit of a burden for me. And probably the ratio of non-English threads would increase in time. Tag with "English" may not be a cleaver way, but if there were a way to see only threads in English, it would be convenient. Possible ways may be filtering out some categories or marking threads to ignore (opposite of bookmark).
  • If you click on the category "TED Open Translation Project", you do see only English threads! Same is true if you click on the subthreads under Language Coordinators. The non-English threads are where they belong, in the non-English categories. The categories have exactly the function you need, I think. Try to navigate with the sidebar on the right.
  • Sure, currently there are only 6 leaf categories for English threads (although the number may increase in time), so when you want to check new English threads, you just need click 6 category links (You can't see threads of two subcategories like "Translating TEDxTalks" and "Transcribing TEDxTalks" in one place). I wanted to see all English threads in one place, but it may be just my laziness.
  • @aoky, our forum is "powered by Vanilla". I just checked whether I could find extra info about Vanilla. It's open source forum software. This is the Vanilla website. Maybe you will find some of the features you are looking for on this site.
  • Thank you for your answer @aoky.
    It seems that every other language will have it's own section, so we only have to figure out a way for English threads I guess.
  • Hi, I think upload picture "Screen shot" will be useful to explain bugs or describe something.. I couldn't see @AhmetYukselturk uploaded screen shot. You can make it with auto burning feature( 1 month, 1 week, etc..) similar to the TED conversation one.
  • @AnwarKing You mean there is a problem with ImageShack in Sudan?
  • Hello, @Alex
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add a reply button to each post, so it is clear that the reply is only relative to a certain post, and not necessarily to the whole discussion?
    I think that this would be useful when wanting to reply only to a specific person, or comment on something someone mentioned in their post.
  • Hi Alex! I think we could give those plug-ins a try ;)

    Quoting sounds good and also the extra fields.

    Is there a way when we enter a thread to go directly to the unread posts?
  • Would be good to get notification about new discussions.... and about comments on your topic this possible somehow ?
  • I think the notifications on your topic work - they work for me. You need to click the star above the first post to bookmark the thread.