Subtitle timing
  • One of the issues I noticed in my translations of subtitles is actually of a technical nature. I was wondering who actually sets the timing for each subtitle?
    I do understand that the speakers don't always talk in the same speed, and some subtitles need to be longer than others, but I have seen some that are really very long and sometimes even take two lines (even more so with Croatian - tha language I'm translating into - which generally has longer words than English).
    So what I would like to ask is whether anyone knows how the timing is set for the subtitles - is it automatic, or could it maybe be manually set, so that the subtitles are more even in length and follow the speaker's words more accurately?
    Did any of you experience similar issues?
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  • Right now subtitle time codes are fixed, but we're working on a system that will allow translators to adjust time codes a needed.
  • I have similar situation with Uzbek language - usually words/expressions/sentences are longer than English and sometimes they are shorter, so the subtitles end up taking more or less space and sometimes don't quite match the exact timing/speed of the spoken words.
  • This will happen soon. The system that @Jenny mentioned is not an easy thing to do, it requires some technological changes. However, I totally understand your frustration.
  • That would be great Jenny! It will enable me to make the subtitles in line with my own quality standards. I had a lot of frustration not being able to change time codes.
  • I have the same trouble here, timing for a single statement / question is broken into two even three pieces', being a first time translator I wonder how can I correct the timings, any idea on how to proceed with that?