keyboard layouts
  • I am looking for suggestions/experience on using various keyboard layouts software for languages with additional characters, Arabic and Czech specifically for me.
    For now I am using keyboard shortcuts I created for the most common special characters but this does not work in the dotsub software.

    Thank you very much for any comments.
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  • It may be easier to edit srt files rather than to use dotSUB's user interface. You can download English transcription as a srt file (it's a plain text file), edit it with your text editor and make subtitles of your language, and upload it to dotSUB (there's a link "Import an existing translation" at the bottom of translation page of dotSUB).
  • I find it strange that these keyboard layouts wouldn't work for you. I've used the Polish keyboard layout (in Windows XP) for years and years. I have also used Japanese from time to time, but that works only in rich text environments. But you should be fine using things supported by your system in plain text fields like in dotSUB. I am not sure how to do this in non-Windows OSs, but in Windows you just need to install the right keyboard layout, which comes with all the keyboard shortcuts predefined. You can switch between the layouts using a shortcut. It should not be a problem for you, so if I were you, I would just look up guidelines on using different layouts system-wide for your OS. You should not have to define shortcuts on your own, there are easier ways to go about it.