Mini Interview
  • This a game to help us know each other better and have fun in the process. :)

    Every player must write 3 to 5 questions for the next player to answer, so every post will include 3-5 answers to the previous questions, and a set of 3 to 5 new questions for the next player.

    Let the game begin :)

    1. Name your favorite movie of all time.
    2. Look to your left. What do you see?
    3. Your decisions are based on logic or emotion?
    4. Do you prefer to do things right, or to do the right things?
    5. Name the best vacation destination in your country.
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  • This is for @Sinaspace:
  • 1. A mini-series: the 1996 version of Pride and Prejudice. England at its best.
    2. A commuter with a worried face, reading his paper on the train to Brussels.
    3. Logic corrected by intuition.
    4. Do the right things. One of the big things I learned in life was to make mistakes and learn from them. I practice every day :-).
    5. The forests of the Ardennes.

    1. Your favourite piece of music?
    2. Look up. What do you see?
    3. What gives you energy?
    4. What languages do you speak?
    5. If you could choose your first name, what would it be?

  • 1. Very changeable but one favorite that sticks is Boubacar Traore, especially his album 'Sa Golo'. Very basic desert blues from Mali.
    2. The ceiling of my appartment (with a crack in it)
    3. Meeting new people and (Theatre) playing (this afternoon just played in a interactive theatre piece to promote tolerance and diversity.
    4. Dutch, English, Spanish, Portugese, German
    5. I might doubt 'Tristan', but I think I'll stick to my own: 'Sietse'

    1. What subtitle translation are you most proud of / satisfied with?
    2. What is your favorite easy to make meal?
    3. What is your favorite game?
    4. How do you chose your friends?
    5. What product or item from a foreign country thats not (easily) available in your neigbourhood would you really love to get send to you by mail?
  • 1. Probably the Polish subtitles for The Guild, I love humor and makings things funny in translation.
    2. It's what my roommates once called "wombat poo" - get frozen veggies, rice/pasta/etc, cook both in one pot, season to perfection ;) This is my staple.
    3. What kind of game? Parlor - charades, board - Talisman, video - too many to count, e.g. the classic Final Fantasies.
    4. I choose for: unconventional thinking, sense of humor, human kindness. And cuteness :D
    5. Easy - vegan cheese that melts like real cheese. I ate it all the time when I used to live in NYC - not any more :(

    1. What is the one song that you think should give people the best idea of who you are?
    2. Innie or outie?
    3. What new language would you like to learn and why?
    4. What did you dream about last night?
    5. When choosing new pants to buy (or an equivalent garment if you don't wear pants), what is the most important thing for you (price aside): cut, fabric, color, pocket real estate?...
  • 1. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Chance (1980) - Stranded, and almost any other piece by this band.
    2. Innie. As in "a person who belongs to an in-group, especially a fashionable or select one." :-)
    3. Chinese. It's obvious why.
    4. I was visiting my daughter in UK - it was her graduation ceremony.
    5. Pants should be comfortable, meaning my belly fits easily. Dark color.

    1. Your favourite book?
    2. Look around. Do you see any strange person?
    3. What is your favourite pet?
    4. What is the meaning of your surname (family) name?
    5. What are you currently translating or reviewing?
  • 1. The Lord of the Rings.
    2. I'm all alone. Just our cat, Thrasivoulos.
    3. I grew up with a little dog, that I adored. It was like a sister to me. But our cat is also very special to us now.
    4. My surname is a combination of a Greek name and an occupation. It means: The Priest George. Maybe an ancestor of mine was a priest.
    5. I am translating Mr. Love and I just reviewed Ben Goldacre.

    1. If you could turn back time, is there something you would have done differently?
    2. What is your favorite food?
    3. Is there some place in the world, that you would like to visit?
    4. What is your motto?
    5. What was your favorite toy when you were little?
  • 1. I think I would've spent more time with my grandma, I miss her.
    2. Vegetables. Not that I turned vegetarian, I just don't like bread and meat so much anymore.
    3. I would love to visit Scottish Hebrides and The Isle of Skye.
    4. "I'm starting with the (wo)man in the mirror".
    5. A Barbie doll :)

    1. What is your favourite kind of coffee?
    2. What kind of transportation do you most frequently use?
    3. What imaginary character would speak at your TEDx and what would be the theme?
    4. What is your favourite place in your home?
    5. Would you travel to the future and why/why not?
  • What a fun game! :)

    1. Escoffee OR From Tarrazu (Costa Rica), eg by Cafe Britt
    2. Bicycle (I'm Dutch)
    3. Captain Kathryn Janeway (of the starship USS Voyager) about discovering new worlds
    4. The hammock in our living room
    5. Yes, just to have a look around (and to learn what languages are dominantly spoken)

    1. What kind of chocolate do you like?
    2. What music would you want to have at your memorial service?
    3. What's the nicest thing somebody said to or did for you today?
    4. Which TED translator is your hero?
    5. What's the most valuable idea you got out of a TEDtalk?
  • 1. Rich, not too dark, not too milky chocolate without any additional ingredients like nuts or raisin. I simply LOVE chocolate.
    2. Sting. And my friends singing out loud too, whatever they want. They should have a party afterwards.
    3. I've got a nice e-mail. Top secret.
    4. Anwar, who else? He just rocks!
    5. To start a movement (Seth Godin). It's so easy, you just have to do it.

    1. What's the most interesting place in your home town?
    2. What's your favorite word in your language?
    3. And what does it mean?
    4. What's your favorite English word?
    5. If you became a parent today, what was the name of your child?
  • 1. The city center Cathedral is pretty cool
    2. "Mornings" (slang)
    3. It roughly translated to "G'mornin" (good morning)
    4. Epiphany
    5. If I got a daughter tomorrow, she would be named "Ingrid"

    1. Where would you most like to travel, and why?
    2. If you got a free pass and all expenses paid, would you rather attend TED, TEDActive or TEDGlobal?
    3. If you were to change profession, what would you be?
    4. What (not so well known) website do you frequently use that you can recommend?
    5. Name a really good movie, book and song.
  • 1. Armenia. It’s full of beauties ;-)
    2. TED. I heard that it's rather difficult to participate.
    3. Photographer. Traveling around the world and taking photos would be exciting.
    4. I occasionally find nice recordings there.
    5. Gladiator, Steering the Craft, Scarborough Fair.

    1. What is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
    2. What is one thing you want to change about yourself?
    3. Do you know any great tips that most people don't know?
    4. When do you feel happiest?
    5. What would your ideal breakfast be like?
  • 1. It's hard for me to think of one single thing, I see a lot of beauty. Recently I got to play a lot with my cousins' new dog, so I would say - the way puppies are vulnerable when sleeping.
    2. I would like to have a better memory for things that I don't really care about (e.g. historical facts that I know are pretty meaningless but people still think you're uneducated if you don't remember them).
    3. I know how to fold a tshirt really quickly - I learned from this tutorial years ago
    4. When I am asleep and dreaming just before waking up (so I usually remember those dreams).
    5. It changes so often! But certainly vegan, lots of sugar, lots of seconds, and free :D Probably cereal with Silk DHA Omega-3/Light Vanilla would be nice. I'm actually easy to please ;)

    1. Give one fictional character that you look up to or learned something important from (and tell us what it was).
    2. What is your favorite way to exercise?
    3. Tell us about an act of kindness that you experienced.
    4. Is there a kind of food that you really dislike?
    5. What was your favorite pet (or a kind of pet you always wanted to have, if you've had no pets or no favorites)?
  • 1. Hiro Protagonist in Snow Crash. That character really introduced me to science fiction, cyberpunk, and to what it means to be an anti-hero.
    2. Struggling on the cross trainer at a gym while reading on my Kindle. That's probably the only time when I'm able to focus on reading 100%, because I want to forget that my muscles ache :p
    3. People comforting me when I was in doubt regarding applications I had submitted. They believed in me more than I did.
    4. Brussels sprouts and shiitake mushrooms. The first is too bitter, the second has a slippery texture and a taste I just can't stand in my mouth.
    5. I had a cat when I was a little girl, but we had to give her away, because I developed an allergy... and I was jealous when she got all the attention as well, I guess. We then had budgies, but what I really wanted was a parrot. I really want to have an aviary one day with lots of different birds... and a penguin. I'm serious!

    1. Which big city is next on your travel list? If you're not a fan of big cities: which country? And why?
    2. If you could study (or study again) at university, which area would you choose?
    3. Name one hobby of which you never understood why people were so fascinated about it.
    4. How would you like to celebrate your next birthday?
    5. Name one event in your country's history that means a lot to you.
  • Wow :D I think it's the first video in Japanese ever where I was able to understand every word ;) I hope she's not too warm and dry. Penguins are so cute!
  • 1. Which big city is next on your travel list? If you're not a fan of big cities: which country? And why?
    London. I've been everywhere around the UK and Ireland except London. I'd like to visit Chaucer's tomb sometime.
    2. If you could study (or study again) at university, which area would you choose?
    English history/literature, and planetary sciences, two fairly close areas :)
    3. Name one hobby of which you never understood why people were so fascinated about it.
    Golf. No clue what's the fun in that.
    4. How would you like to celebrate your next birthday?
    In London! :)
    5. Name one event in your country's history that means a lot to you.
    Can't think of any.

    1.) Where was the last place you traveled to? Business or pleasure?
    2.) Do you like Iron Maiden?
    3.) What's the last book you've read?
    4.) Any thoughts on the multiverse theory?
    5.) Can you recall the last time you wrote a full page by hand? What was it about?
  • 1. Edinburgh, for TEDGlobal. Work and pleasure :)
    2. Yes, I do, generally. Mostly because of my friends, who love them. I've been to a concert and I love the fact that Bruce is a pilot ;)
    3. G.R.R.Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire" - "A Feast for Crows", part 1
    4. hmmm, not really
    5. I write by hand every day, I have lots of notebooks that I carry around. Just this morning I added some notes about my TEDx event

    1. What is your favourite season?
    2. Would you translate a talk you don't agree with?
    3. What would your ideal day with friends look like?
    4. Is there a job you would never do and what is it?
    5. Would you apply to be among the first human beings to start a colony on Mars?