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  • Japanese song “いつも何度でも” (Always With Me) from Spirited Away

  • I think this one is great to start with - "Babel" by Achinoam Nini -

    Lyrics -
  • So I'm just going to assume this is about songs that have something to do with language or translation :)

    Another bilingual song from Noa - Yuma


    BTW the sticky clappy sounds are her using her chest as an instrument. I love it!

  • "HUR E" this means fire!!!
  • Spirited Away is one of my favorite movies!! ♥

  • I like medieval Finnish Christian songs "Piæ Cantiones". It feels so pure. I especially like "Paranymphus Adiens" but I couldn't find a full-length clip on the web. The following is an old whisky ad that uses the song as a BGM.

  • Maybe you would also like this Latin song then:

    Cantar de procella means: "Song for the storm" or something like this.

    Tell me what you think. I like them a lot. :)
  • OMG I didn't know anybody else heard of this band! I was really into them when I was like 16 :D Also, I really loved the lyrics (the little there were) and they were one of the first things that I translated for fun. I stopped listening to Arcana after I got into Dead Can Dance, so maybe I should share something. It's hard to choose a representative, since every album was done in a different style, so here is just one that I really liked:

    But this is the only one that my mind still replays sometimes:

  • Nothing compares to Dead Can Dance! Even my father used to like them! It was one of the few music groups we could listen together. :)


    Here's a very distinct Greek Zeibekiko:

  • When I was in highschool, I was crazy about the Mononke Hime sountrack (all of Joe Hisashi's sountracks, but this one more than most). I love movie scores and this is one the ones I know by heart (all of it). I also learned the lyrics to the theme :)

    "Mononoke Hime" is one of my favorite movies (one of my 5 favorite movies).

    However, as I still assume this thread is about songs related to translation and/or linguistics, I have to share another song from a great Ghibli movie:

    This movie shows something that I have experienced a lot and eventually started doing professionally - translating and adapting the lyrics to a song so that you can sing it in the target language as well. It is also the first movie that I did a reasonably good subtitle translation for (still in highschool) - I had done some fansubbing for animes shown at conventions, but when I translated the subtitles for this movie I really felt my work improved from the previous experience :) BTW all my fan-translated subtitles from 13-14 years ago are still floating around online ^_^
  • I thought the intension of Dimitra was that each person introduces a song of her country.

    The lyrics of “いつも何度でも” are quite beautiful and have very deep meaning (I think it would be difficult to translate the lyrics). From time to time I listen to the song and it makes me shed tears. The singer of the above clip is Ukrainian woman named Nataliya Gudziy.

    I assume Krystian must know, but the theme song of Mononokehime was sung by a countertenor Yoshikazu Mela. There's something special in his voice.

    My all-time favorite movie is Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind:
    (Sorry to divert from the topic.)
  • I think diverting a little is fine, as long as it's about music ;) I know of Yoshikazu Mera, I researched him when I discovered the soundtrack and also listened to his classical work. I agree he has a special voice. I love all Ghibli movies except for Gedo Seki ^_^ My favorite piece from the Nausiccaa sountrack I react deeply to music, and for some reason the theme to Karigurashi no Arietty often makes me shed tears, perhaps because the book series the movie is based on was very important to me in childhood
    And to continue the language/translation theme - this song also has a French version

    I think this thread is beautifully underdefined, but I can accept the idea that it's a song from one's country. I will start another thread for different music, and share a song in the language used in the region of Poland that I grew up in - Silesian. The lyrics are "typical rock" (in my experience); the title is a Silesian idiom that means something like "can't do a thing about it" and the guys is signing about not being able to control his passion and feeling a little guilty about it.

  • I heard the one you posted and some other Arcana's clips and got interested. Somewhat mystic and feels like in a world of fantasy movie.

    These are also nice:

    Arcana - Eternal Sleep

    Arcana - Serpents Dance
  • Did you follow their solo careers? When I listen to DCD now, I can tell that some of their music is technically imperfect, but Lisa Gerrard's solo work continued to grow. Here's an example from "The Mirror Pool," a sad song about the death of her mother: