Favorite music from a movie/show
  • What is some of your favorite music from a movie or a TV show? This can be part of the score (instrumental) or a song with vocals either composed for or used in a movie or show. If you can do it without spoiling (e.g. in general terms), you can also share what the music means in the context of the movie and why you like it!
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  • I love it when futuristic science fiction is told like an old legend about the past. It's a matter of storytelling, where the futuristic images are digested behind your conscious mind like tales told by the movement of people dancing around a fire. I find that Cordwainer Smith can do it, and I also find it in Ray Bradbury and some James Tiptree, Jr., among others. This track is from the movie Bladerunner, and it has the same idea in the form of a song. I once made a companion soundtrack (not score) to James Tiptree Jr.'s story "Slow Music" (my favorite story of all time), and this was the opening track :)

  • Excellent movie, with excellent score:

    On my top five for sure.

  • My Favorite Things

    Sound of Music is another my favorite movie since my childhood. In this musical, Maria (Julie Andrews) sings this song to cheer up kids scared of thunder.

    Also there are many interesting cover versions for this musical piece.

    John Coltrane


    CM of a Japanese railway company

  • Ok, this is going to be my favorite topic methinks... :P

    The Last of the Mohicans - nice movie too.
  • +1 “Gladiator” is my favorite too!

    I watched “Schindler's List” and “The Piano” about the same time, and both of them strangely stuck in my heart and stayed there for a long time. Also both of them have great music.
  • I love Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Over the rainbow in Meet Joe Black

    But I'm also in love with James Horner's music for the movie 'Name of the Rose'.
  • Last night a very significant Greek director was killed by a bike while he was filming his new movie. Theodore Angelopoulos' movies were known worldwide and his legacy is invaluable. Eleni Karaindrou wrote this score:

  • I'll start it off. I have a favorite album - it's the soundtrack to the movie Akira by Geinoh Yamashirogumi. Here's one track:

    I think the context is not that important. You can imagine floating/falling above a modern city at dawn, cushioned with smog.
  • I know Danny Elfman's soundtrack to "Beetlejuice" by heart :) Also one of my favorite movies :)

    I also love his soundtrack to "A Nightmare Before Christmas," although for some reason I've never really been a great fan on the movie itself.
  • I know what you mean, I am trying so hard not to spam this thread with my favorites ;)

    I love Yoko Kanno's sountracks. Very often, a soundtrack is important for me because of the way it co-exists with my idea of the movie, and vice-versa - the score can elevate a boring movie into something worthwhile, at least parts of it.

    However, sometimes I've been able to enjoy and get immersed in the score without seeing the movie, and that was what happened with her soundtrack to "Please Save My Earth." I watched the anime over 10 years later and although I loved the premise, the execution was not that great to me. But the sountrack is still something that I love and react to deeply
  • This is beautiful! I need to revisit that score.

    Anna Paquin got an Oscar for "The Piano." There's another movie set in New Zealand where the little girl actress Keisha Castle-Hughes got nominated for an Academy Award - Whale Rider. The movie is great, and I also liked the score (I think it's an interesting idea to have Lisa Gerrard's vocals do the whale calls):

  • I love this opening. More than the song in isolation, I love it as the opening, with all the graphics that I think work great and are edited beautifully with the music! I love the show as well, it's one of the smartest recent science fiction shows, in my opinion, though it may not be very obvious.

  • I haven't actually seen this movie, but I really love the track.