Common confusions during Bengali translation works
  • There are many words/phrases in English you will find difficult or confusing to translate into Bengali as there may not be a suitable direct translation available. Translators also often face difficulty translating contemporary phrases like 'green' (when it is not a color but a word related to climate change issue).
    Translating subtitle is also somewhat different than translating essays. As subtitle translation often requires more to the point word by word translation than a typical prose translation.

    So let this tread be a database of accepted translations in Bengali of those 'difficult confusing words and phrases' of English. So that a new translator can easily go through/search this thread to find out if someone already have proposed an accepted alternative translation of a word or not.

    Please from now post any new this type of words and their translations here in this thread.
    Happy translating :)
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  • Also, cultural differences like "জল" and "পানি" or "দিদা" and "দাদী" need to be reconciled.