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Welcome to OTPedia, the TED Open Translation Project wiki!

The goal of OTPedia is to help the OTP community share information, tips, tricks and lessons. This wiki is a community resource. Together, we are responsible for maintaining it.

The OTP now also includes TEDxTalks and TED-ED talks!

Selected articles

If you're new, you may have many questions. Maybe you'll find some answers in our General FAQ.

What will you find on OTPedia?

GuidelinesOTPedia User Page Creation GuidelinesTips & TricksLanguage CoordinatorsLanguage GroupsFAQTranslator ToolboxGuide to translating offlineExtra resources on selected TEDTalksExtra resources on TEDx talksLinks to other TED-like talksVideos related to the Open Translation ProjectUnnawut's Cheat SheetHow to Tackle a TranslationHow to Tackle a ReviewHow to Tackle a TranscriptHow to transcribe TEDxTalks in 10 stepsHow to Compress SubtitlesHow to break linesTED.com localization guide OTP Stories...

and much, much more! Check your own language section for more information in your own language.


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After all, as all words are ideas, the time will come for a universal language! ... And it will be the language of the soul, for the soul, and it will comprehend all, scents, sounds, colors ...

—Arthur Rimbaud, Letter to Paul Demeny, 15 May 1871

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